Kingston vs Corsair DDR400

I'm trying to build a VERY fast system and I'm trying to find the best ram to use. I'm going to either go with the MSI or ASUS P875 Boards. Thus I need to find out what the best ram would be to use. I noticed that MSI recommends Kingston but I assume that that is nothing more then some sort of partnership. Anyway, Which is better? I have heard that the Kingston Hyper X is very good, but I'm willing to spend a bit more to get a better Stick of ram. And Unless you guys tell me differantly I'm not planning on getting the twinx as I have heard to many problems with them.

Edit - This system will be used primarily for gameing, though I may do some video editing as well.
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  1. Corsair XMS no doubt. No Twinx or low-latency for this build. Two Corsair XMS CAS2 memory modules would be great.
  2. twinx has problems?? where did you hear this?
  3. On the boards here. I was told that it has problems with Duel channel mode on the new 875 mobos and since I'm going to be useing the new 800mhz fsb chip i want them ram to run in duel channel mode.
  4. Some of the cases are at <A HREF="" target="_new">HouseOfHelp</A>.
  5. While I have your ear, should I go with the 3500 DDR Ram or stick with the 3200. I realize that the 3500 is overclocked but is it still as stable (close to as stable) and is it worth it. As for the Mobo I'm going all over the place, and keep jumping from asus to msi and now i'm considering the abit one again. that is the 875P mobos with a new 800mhz fsb p4.
  6. I would get the PC3500 (especially if there is any possibility of overclocking immediately or in the future) if it's not too much of a price difference. Otherwise, PC3200 is fine. On a canterwood motherboard it is virtually the same stability between PC3200 and PC3500.
  7. Awsome thanks. I think I'll have to take your advice! lol.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> This doesnt quite match what you said but I belive it is what you ment. </A>

    Edit - Oh and there about $20 more a stick. Do you think its worth the extra money?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Devren on 05/10/03 07:22 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  8. Do you think the RAIDMAX 500 WATT ALUMINUM GOLD is a decent power supply? I'm looking at a case and I can add that powersupply for $69 but I'm not sure if I should go with it as its not a name I know. Thanks again.
    LOL if you havnt guessed I'm building a system and this is my first total build so If you have any suggestions or advice I would be greatly apprciative.
    CPU - P4 3.0 GHZ 800MHZ FSB
    Mobo - Not sure yet, Asus MSI or Abit (obviously 875p)
    CDRW - Liteon 52x24x52x
    DVD - Liteon16x
    Ram - I bet you cant guess lol But I will be buying 1 GB
    Video - Ati 9700 Pro 128 MB (From my dead computer)
    HD - 120GB and a 80 GB WD 7200RPM ATA 100 Drives (From my dead computer)
    Case - I think I'm going to go with AHANIX Audi XP ATX CASE w/ Side Windows
    Power supply - RAIDMAX 500 WATT ALUMINUM GOLD (If I go with the above case)
    OS - Windows XP Pro.
    and ill probobly just pick up a floppy somewhere.
    Everything Except the case os and psu are retail
  9. That module would do nicely.
  10. I would get enermax or antec. 400W+ for this build.
  11. Ok thanks.
  12. Hows the Antec TruePower True430 430W Power Supply sound or possibly Antec TruePower True550 550W Power Supply
  13. Antec TruePower 430W would be quite sufficient - a great choice.
  14. I've been following the threads in Corsair's Compatibility Issues Forum, and basically what Corsair is saying, and I have proven myself, is that the TwinX ram has issues at the default timings of 2-2-2-6, but if you change them to 2-3-3-6, it works flawlessly. Because of this issue though, Corsair recommends you go with the CMX3500 memory, but this is ONLY because the SPD settings on this ram are more relaxed timings (2.5-3-3-8 I believe).

    I've been running my i875p rig with the TwinX ram set at 2-3-3-6 for a week now and have no issues. The system is VERY fast as well. My next project is to start OC'ing it.
  15. Darn I'm getting my new rig next week. Should I go with the Corsair pc3200 or the pc3500 then? I will be getting 1gb of them and run them at dual channel on an Abit IC7. If I'm to get the pc3500 I might run into the problem of the 2 sticks not compatable in dual channel mode, right? But if I get the twin pc3200 I don't know how to set the timings! Can anybody tell me how to set the RAM timing on the Abit IC7?
  16. There is only one kind of memory which beat them all, and that is OCZ Enchanced Latency Dual Channel DDR. Period. Corsair, Twinmos, Kingston etc. is absolutely nothing like that! I use Kingston HyperX PC-3500 myself and I am very satisfied. I run then sync on an nforce2 at 190 MHz fsb stable. I can only run 200MHz without crashes for a few hours, but this has to do with my mobo. My timings are 2-5-2-2.
  17. Prof133, you seem to be able to ferret things out & get to the bottom of them. I've got one I can't quite solve & maybe you can. I read a post about Excliberpc stating a disclaimer on there <A HREF="" target="_new"> Hyper X</A> pages, saying it's not compatible with Nforce Rev. 2.0 & won't be exchanged (or something there about). It says nothing on the MOBO page though. I've got that board coming this week & I've got Hyper X DDR 400 sitting here wating to go in the rev. 2.0 board.

    Now I've looked at the recommended RAM on the ASUS site & none of it's above cas 2.5 flavor. I have also searched the forums & articles here <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. I can find nothing else mentioned anywhere. I was wondering what you knew of it or could find. Thanks in advance.

    If it ain't broke, take it apart & see why not!
  18. I can find at least one fellow running <A HREF="" target="_new">HyperX memory with a Version 2.0 (Abit NF7-S version 2.0) motherboard</A> (near bottom of the page). So, at least we know it's possible. I'm not sure of Excaliber's reason for making such a statement. I guess it would be best to contact them to see what's up.
  19. Maybe I'll do that. I didn't buy the RAM from them. I got it at Newegg so I can send it back if I need to. I don't think I'm going to have a problem with it at all. Thanks for looking. If you can't find much more than I could then I feel better. I've been looking believe me.

    If it ain't broke, take it apart & see why not!
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