Is it OK to Combine 256 + 512 mem sticks?

I have a motherboard with two memory slots, each of which can take up to 1GB DDR 2100 memory sticks. I had two 256MB DDR sticks but one recently failed. I'd like to replace the failed stick with a 512 DDR and run it alongside the other 256MB stick I already have. Would this present any problems?

BTW, I'm running XP and do intensive Photoshopping. I already see the huge difference between having 256 vs. 512 MB DDR Ram when running Photoshop. Would going to 768 MB be a huge improvement over 512MB? Thanks.

I feel the need. . . the need for SPEED! YEEOOWW!
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  1. well i have never tried it but to my knowledge unless you are running dual channel there shouldn't be a problem.

    you should put the larger stick in the slot closest to the CPU (slot 1)

    so it would be

    then 256

    i use phtoshop on my rig with 1 Gb of ram, 2x512Mb, well i have to say i can have a crap load of images open, and each image (about 50Mb ) will open in 3 seconds, or if photoshop is closed and i jsut click on the file, it will open the image and photoshop in jsut over 10 secs.

    i don't know if thats ram helping, but yeah i think you will love the increase.

    (with ram being pretty cheap have you considered getting 2x512Mb sticks)

  2. Thanks for the info. I just bought the 512MB stick today. I don't know if I want to go with 2x512 now since I'll be changing motherboard and chip soon. I can get faster RAM then--right now, my motherboard limits me, I think, to PC2100 speed. I'm not all quite sure.

    For now, I just need to get some client work done on Photoshop and it's slow as mollasses (sp.?) with only 256ram. I had 512MB previously and could edit images of 50-100MB quite effortlessly. Now, it seems like I always exceed my cache memory even with a smaller-sized images. I'm pretty sure it's the RAM that's slowing things down.

    I feel the need. . . the need for SPEED! YEEOOWW!
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