Changing Drive Letter - how? (new Win 7 user)


I had all my external drives renamed when I was using them with my old laptop running XP. Now I have a new laptop with Win 7. I'm still getting used to how things are done Win 7.

I want to change my drive letters on my external drives. I used to do it in Win Explorer in XP but in Win 7, I cant figure out how to do it. Windows help is waaay too vague when I do a search for "drive letter" or "drive name".

Can someone tell me how to change drive letter assignment ??

I thought the drive letter was ON the external drive . . . I guess not.

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  1. actually windows assigns the drive letters when you boot. you can also set drive letters yourself by going to the disk management tool and right clicking on the partition you would like to change and selecting "change drive letter"

    Do NOT change the drive letter of the C:
  2. nhasian,

    Thanks ! I'm still pretty lost when trying to find my way around Win 7. I did a search in Win 7 Help and figured out that its under "Computer Management". I found "disk management" there and I was able to change the drive letters.

    Now its easier to identify my "Large" drives from my "thumb" drives when I use the "Safely remove . . ." feature.

  3. not bad for never having used Windows 7 before eh? I switched to Linux after Vista left a bad taste in my mouth.
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