Windows 7 service pack file missing?

Recently I worked with the tech support at McAfee when I couldn't install my updates or virus scan my Aspire one netbook.
I was told that McAfee was fixed but will not run until I pay them $179.00 to fix my Windows 7 Service pack which is apparantly missing a file. They called it an error in attribute record and said the error is inthe operating system of my computer.Any Solutions out there for a girl who is technically challenged?
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  1. McAfee is not in charge of fixing your windows OS, that maybe what they charge for a new Windows 7 install. You can restore windows to the original state, make sure to save private files externally before you do that. You can download SP1 and install it from, which maybe the easy way if that is all that is missing. Find out if you have the x86 or x64 version of windows (32bit vs. 64bit).
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