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What about these $99 creative inspire 6600 speakers? Would one be better off going with a 5.1 solution? Totally unrelated and the answer is probably either no, or yes if you want to do something insane, but can I get my speakers off the cords? Getting an Audigy 2 platinum and I don't really want to spend $350 for megaworks 6.1. I do have an almost brand new set of boston acoustics digital media theater that has little bitty surround speakers that connect to the subwoofer, maybe I can do something crazy with this whole set and get a good 4.1 set and get 6.1?

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  1. Theres not a whole lot of media available for 6.1 (read, basically only stuff encoded in DD EX). You are much better off buying a 5.1 set. Even in the future, I dont see 6.1 picking up in popularity since its too difficult to find the space to position a rear center speaker for PC multimedia speakers.

    Those Creative Inspire speakers arent very good quality, matching it up with an Audigy 2 is a waste of money, you may as well get a cheaper sound card if you are going to shortcut with the speakers. Get a decent 5.1 set like a Cambridge Megaworks 550 or Logitech Z-680 (you may want to position the rear satellites at least three feet away, since these speakers hiss more than regular ones. The front speakers are perpendicular to your ears and thus u cant hear the hiss, but if your rears are lined up with your ears in close range, the hiss may be annoying. All speakers hiss, but the higher frenquency of the hiss is slightly more annoying on the Z-680s). The Z-680 can be found for $250 shipped at Dell (free shipping, even next day), and probably $260 for the 550 Megaworks if you looks around at cnet. THe Z-680s will provide more bass, the Megaworks more treble and midrange. The advantage with the Logitech Z-680s is that it comes with a DD/DTS/PL2 decoder, that would probably go for $100 to $200 if you bought it seperately for any other multimedia speaker set. (For example, the Klipsch 5.1s go for $399 msrp, and additional $170 for the decoder, which incidentally only does Pro Logic, not Pro Logic 2 like the Z-680s)
  2. The Z-680 decoder comes with stereo, stereox2, DD/DTS, or PL2 sound. Whereas if you bought the Megaworks, you would only have stereo, and whatever else the Audigy 2 can decode, which is DD EX.

    One thing you might think about, Audigy 2 drivers by default have CMSS on, which is taking a stereo signal and dividing it with the CMSS algorithm into 5.1 sound. CMSS is pretty bad and doesnt approach PL2 in terms of sound quality, if you get the Z-680s you should turn them off. And If you get the Megaworks, I guess you have no choice but CMSS, but if you turn it off you will get unadulterated stereo sound (much better :P) although I do realize when you have a 5.1, you want all your speakers blaring :D
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