Help with what i think is a driver issue

Hi I just built my pc almost a week ago and i have been getting all of these blue screens. It has gotten to the point where I couldn't even start my computer normally, so I had to start it in safe mode. I got a application from nirsoft that allowed me to see the blue screens and errors. I looked up the error and found it was a driver error for my graphics card. I checked for any updates, but there were none. I then rolled it back hoping that would fix the problem. It didn't. I got a new error message about drivers again. I then tried the command prompt chkdsk /r. All that did was make it nearly impossible to get my computer into safe mode and give me an error. I finally got into open from last stable reboot. Went to the drive's properties tools then see and fix error on the drive. I rebooted and started normally it was going for at least 5 minutes before i got the final error message. I can go into safe mode now though.

Here are the memory dumps

Hope this helps

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  1. do you have an ATI GPU?
  2. nhasian said:
    do you have an ATI GPU?

    No I have a geforce gtx 480. If you would like me to list my specs I'd be glad to.
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