-Sigh- Can Someone Please Help Me...

Okay, here's the story. Currently, my aunt is living with us. I've just graduated and I'll be leaving for college in the Fall. Okay, here's the problem. At this point in time, my computer is easily the best in the entire house. I bought it myself with my hard earned money so it literally is mine.

Since I recently bought it, my perfectionism and OCD state has tried to keep this computer as organized and clean as possible and I'm keeping track of everything I do.

Here's the problem, my aunt uses this thing and it is freaking infuriating. Everytime I log on something has either been installed or has changed and it's starting to get on my nerves. Can someone please help me with these problems so I can restore my baby.

-Whenever I hover over something on the desktop, clicking it once will automatically open the file. How can I change this.

-Now I'm getting some error everytime I turn on the computer I get an error that says 0xc0000142 crashed or something!


Can someone please help me.
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  1. back your data up..do a clean wipe of the drive. set up your aunt as a user with very little user rights. (let her surf but not install anything on the pc.) 2 option find someone that tossing out dead pc parts and make a machine from spare parts.
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