My hard drives and EXPLORER.EXE

I always seem to have unique computer problems. This one invovles my hard drives and I am hoping one of the wizzies here can help me out.

Ok I have two brand new 100 gb internal hard drives. Having all this space provides me with a lot of room to "download" stuff. So I do. Now when I go to my downloads folder my computer starts to lag up like there is something running in the background. So I open up task mananger and see EXPLORER.EXE is taking up almost 100% of my resources. Mind you this only happens when I browse to my downloads folder from WinMX. Making me restart my comp.

So I have done a SPYWARE check, I have done a VIRUS check and I know its not my machine.

Please can anybody help.

My specs-

P4 3.06mhz
1gb RAM
Win XP pro
(2) 100gb hard drives
Geoforce 4400i
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  1. We started getting these weird files that make the whole PC busy like that. Just highlighting the file in explorer started the weirdness. I had to delete the whole folder it was in.

    I read something the other day about people doing this on purpose.
  2. are your files in different folders or are they all in the same place? i'm going to say you have them all in the same place.
    make 4 folders and put the files in those folders. while you are doing this, if you get a copy error of some sort with a file the chances are thats the bad file. once you have them all in folders, go to the first folder and see if you lag. if you lag, there is a bad file in that folder. do this with all the folders. once you find the folder with the bad file, make another 4 folders and do this whole thing again. do it till you find the bad file.

    my guess is its a movie thats doing this.

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  3. How many files in your download directory?

    If it's in the thousands it can take a long time to fetch and compile a directory listing... especially if you are asking for extra information and some of those files are locked by winMX.

    A smarter strategy would be to have WinMX download into your download directory, but immediately move completed files out into some other file structure where they can be catagorized and sorted in some more meaningful manner into smaller directories.

    If you want to see Explorer really bog down some time...

    Select Detail view.
    Right click on the column titles ("name", "type" etc.) and ask it to display product versions.
    Now go into c:\windows\system32 and wait for the file list to come up.

    It can take 15 minutes on some machines.

    More directories... fewer files in each... better plan.

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  4. Thanks for all the quick replys.

    Yes they are in the same folder. But I dont have thousands of files.

    I like the idea of the 4 folders but I am a little lost. I already copied my downloads to a new folder and a new hard drive and I still got the same problem. I didnt get a copy error either.

    Maybe it is something in my processes.
  5. lets say you have 400 files in that folder. divide them in groups of 100 and put every 100 files in one folder. once they are all in folders, open the folders one by one and see which one gives you the lag. the folder that lags you is the one with that bad file. keep doing this till you find the bad file. then delete it.

    IF you start to lag as soon as you go to that hard drive, change your file options so you can view hidden files. the file might be hidden, but do the folders first. also if the file won't allow you to delete it, copy it to the root and boot with boot disk and use the del command from dos to delelte it.

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