256MB Ram Suddenly becomes 128MB ?!?

OK, weirdest thing ever... I have an ASUS A7V266-E MB, and a stick of micron 256MB DDR. I just noticed today my system was running slow... turns out the system is only recognizing 128MB RAM (in the BIOS, as well as windows, and all diagnostic programs). I didn't change anything, nothing was overclocked... And yeah it is the same RAM (no one switched it, it still had the 256MB sticker on it). I reset the BIOS, and played around with all settings. Moved the RAM to different slots. Still 128MB. Tried a 256MB stick from another machine... recognized as 256MB just fine.

Is it possible half my RAM has just blown up, and the other half is working? Never heard of this before... any suggestions?
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  1. Sounds like one of the double sided banks has gone bad, you'll need to replace the module it may, or may not still be under warranty.

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