400 DDR Ram wat brand?

im buying 2 X 256mb ddr 400 slot ram for my new computer this week wat brand shall in get?
im thinking kingston or samsung... any other recomendations corsair is nice but my goodness there expesnive
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  1. You get what you pay for, Corsair is one of the best.
    If money is really a problem, try Geil matched sets.
    Here is a look at some :

    CAS 2 6-3-3 1T Running @ DDR400Mhz PC3200
    $ 119.00
    2 X 256MB PC3200 ULTRA 400MHZ DDR DIMMS
  2. OCZ is another good brand. If you want to save some money, look for sticks of memory that WinBond chips because that's what Corsair uses for most of their memory.
  3. cool thanx
    kingston uses winbond dont they?
    if they do il defitnely get winbond
  4. TwinMOS is another brand that sometimes makes use of WInBond chips. They do have some 400DDR memory out now with WinBond chips, but also with their own TwinMOS chips. Just ask before you buy, I guess.

    I seen the ones with the WinBond chips go up around the 217 - 223MHz mark at CAS2 timings.
  5. you can just as well OC the kingstons to Corsair. hyperx works just as well. I got the hyperx with no probs.
  6. Another vote for TwinMos.
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