Youtube keeps on freezing up my computer

Lots of times when I browse youtube, the video freezes when i click on it to the point that the whole computer freezes and i have no control over it. i press alt control delete , but nothing appears on the screen. i have avast free, malwairebytes pro, superantispyware feree on my computer. i also was wondering not so long ago i was on a computer forums site and some user private messaged me their code for the paid malwairebytes program. the message was : I have this extra license for MBAM, just download the free version, and insert this key. I can't remember the name of the tab, but look in the tabs, and there should be a button to insert the license.

Use Caps, and you will have to insert the dashes also.



If this code doesn't work, reply to this, and I will send you another."

was this user some kind of hacker that can ruin my computer with that code, cause i inserted that code and it started sayin pro under the malwairebytes program.

and how can i solve the freezing issue.

i did a full scan today with the malwairebytes, and avast free and it didnt detect anything.

i had this problem on my othe rcomputer account so i deleted that one and made this one thinking the problem would disappear, but it didnt.
since the account i am on is new, i reinstalled malwairebytes and the pro poped up on it despite me downloading the free from the site. can someone help me solve my issue

i tried to update adobe flash player on google chrome but igot a message that google chrome updates the palyer itself.
i managed to do it on mozilla firefox
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  1. and i didnt ask that user about any codes for the paid one. he just messaged me.
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