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Hello, ive just upgraded a Xp machine SP 3 to Windows 7, by installing Windows Vista Upgrade then Vista SP1 then SP2 then i did the Windows 7 upgrade, after the upgrade has complete i went threw the wizard of setting up the time and regional setting, then it gives me the logging screen for my password after i enter my password the PC give's me a blue screen 0x000000DA (0x00000504, 0xC0488180, 0x00000030, 0x00011030). i have tried googling the problem but even google cant help me. please can anyone assist me ASAP ?
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  1. I suggest you format your C drive via boot menu and install your old windows XP. Your PC works normal. Then you wish to install again windows 7, it will be work fine.
  2. Just use the windows 7 dvd and do a clean install. Specify the version(home premium I presume), but do not activate.
    That gives you a valid windows 7 pc for 30 days. Now when in windows, insert your dvd again, and open it, asking for an upgrade install. When finished, your update activation code will work. You can then delete the first install which will have been saved in windows.old.

    This procedure is legitimate, and is needed when upgrading from a 32 bit os to a 64 bit os.
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