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I was just curious if anyone else has this problem with Aluminum cases----I have a new MSI K7N2 running at around 55C for the CPU, 38C for the mobo--which is normal temperature (im not ocing or anything). However, whenever I turn the computer on, I smell this somewhat metallic smell-it's not strong, but annoying... Does anyone else have this problem with aluminum cases (I have a Chieftec case). I checked everything numerous times to make sure it wasn't anything caught in a fan, but nothing turned up. I have a feeling it might be the case itself-i wonder if it will ever go away??

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  1. I bought some of that sound absorbing foam a while back (waste of money) and discovered a crapload of funky smell. What I did to remedy this was throw them in an open window during a windy day

    Isn't exactly a scientific way of fixing it, but hey

    It's all good ^_^
  2. new computer smell ! heh
    basically, some plastics used in the front panel degrade a little after production, forming this thin oil-like deposit that kinda smells funny... you can check the non-painted parts for that much... otherwise, if its metalic its the metal itself... lucky its only aluminum though, steel smells much stronger (and worse)

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