Windows 7 the file cannot be accessed by the system

I am trying to reinstall HP Phoosmart full setup in windows 7. Ihave downloaded the latest installation package frm the website but when I try to install it I get the message "The file cannot be accesed by the system". The file concerned is C:\Program Files\HP\(988329F4-A1A1-4D51-803C-EF2725A97627)\gup\auto. When I look for the file I can find it in the correct place. Can anyonehelp?
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  1. Have you tried dowloading it again? It might've been corrupted during download.
    Another thing to try is right-click on installation and select "Run as administrator.". You might want to try this first. :)
  2. Yes I have downloaded it each time I tried to install it.
    Just tried the "Run as administrator" bit but it still comes up with the same message.
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