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I did a bit of searching, but I seem to be the only person I can find with this issue (most people seem to have the opposite issue).

I want to connect to my servers using Windows 7 Remote Desktop, but I would really like to do so in MORE than 256 colors.

Everyone I see online is asking how to get it to only display in 256 colors. Well mine will only display in 256 mode and I want it in full color if possible.

I checked the display setting in Remote Desktop and it's set to 32bit, but it never actually does show that way.

These are on site servers, the connection should not be an issue, so any ideas on how to get this to display better would be most appreciated!

Edit: I should mention these servers are mostly running Windows Server 2003 if that makes a difference.
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  1. It's a setting in the options of remote desktop. When you go to connect the Options button lets you select tabs for the various remote experience. Being it Win 7 you may need to run your remote session from a Win 7 system to get full effect.
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