Boot MGR missing Dell Insp 1545

Hi I'm back- very uneasy lol

I'm not very handy with the newer laptops and this is a repeat offender that says that the boot mgr is missing. It's a Dell inspiron 1545. So one night I turned off the computer and I had the diisc dive open so I closed it while the computer was shutting down and the next day when I tried to turn it on the computer screen showed "boot mgr missing". I like the windows 7 platform on this laptop but it seems so unstable when booting. Maybe it's the configuration I don't know. All I do know is that before I dropped my old Dell cpt laptop (while leaving from my ex-girls) that old laptop was moving fast no problem loading or anything really! This new laptop is sleek but always gave trouble. I'm not even sure if it can load from the disc drive the first time I got it I tried to load a new program from the disc drive, the drive just makes noise and never loads. But all I want is to get all this great business info I have on the laptop and it just keeps crapping out on me. Bring back the simple days of XP!

stezzo - yeah, not to sound like Britney - but I did it again. Help please
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