Audio Conflicts any one know how it works?

I was wondering, i have a sound blaster live, theres alot of stuff i need and use, like Surround sound, EAX for games, record "what you hear" and "line in" etc. etc.

but there is a considerable amount of [-peep-] that i never touch, like at least 70% of the creative software is just junk that no one ever uses or needs. i do alot of profesional audio editing with goldwave but even still i dont use alot of software that comes with the sound blaster live.

i was also wondering what kind of conflicts arrises within the SB Live and Speaker systems such as the klipsch pro media GMX and say the latest Logitech DTS 5.1 system.

Say your playing a game in EAX, but you have the decoder set to dolby digital prologic wtf happens there?????
does the decoder try and change the eax to a stupid pro logic sound or how does it work?, all these little conflicts make me wonder how many problems could arrise with a setup as mentioned. any one know what happenes if say your watching a DVD on your computer with power dvd, power dvd decodes dts FOR you, and yoy get the dts sound, but as that sound signal gets to the speakers, is it changed to how the speakers are set, like pro logic or DD or etc???
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  1. Ok, I'm not an audio engineer, so I may be off-base on a few things, but here goes.
    Digital domain sound either works or it doesn't; that is, DTS-ES sound won't play on a Dolby Digital decoder because the data stream isn't even similar. The systems have to be designed to auto-switch as necessary. <i><b>Snipped a bunch of stuff I wrote that I think is wrong re: the Live!</b></i>

    EAX is not a recording/playback standard. This is Creative's proprietary language to encode environmental acoustics into programs (eg. when you run into a tunnel in Half-Life, it sounds like a tunnel) This works on the 3D audio processor, and has finished its job before the signal is encoded to its output format.

    Oh, and in direct answer to your EAX question, only the nForce2 Soundstorm audio system has real-time Dolby Digital encoding, so your Live! only puts out 2 or 2.1 (can't remember) channels to digital in gaming. As for the DVD question, that data is streamed directly through the soundcard; the Live! just pumps it out exactly as it came in, so if PowerDVD says it's putting out DTSES in 6.1, that's what you're getting.

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  2. one ting tho, say the altec lansing 880 for instance, regardless of whats coming from the source audio it will go pro logic if you select it, so i wonder what would happen if you were playing say rainbow 6 ravensheild and you turned on Dolby pro logic
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