Enermax CS-3051L Case & 120mm Fans

Does anyone else own this case? Although the specs specify that a 120mm fan can be used in the front, I can't get it to fit in there at all. Unless I bend or cut the case or make my 120mm fan smaller (but then it wouldn't be a 120mm fan!). That was one of the reasons that I chose this case for my system, but the fan doesn't even fit in the case. Other than that, there is nothing wrong with this case.
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  1. I have the cs-003 case , you have to use 120 x 25 mm fan
    the larger 120 x 38 wont fit
    i'm using 120 x 25 Vantec Stealth
    Also , the 120 fans push/suck alot of air , you may want to modify the air intake to get proper air flow
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