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I recently installed a game that said if I experienced sound problems to install the Creative EAX Unified driver included on the game CD.

I have a TBSC that supports EAX, so I installed the driver, but it didn't fix the problem I was having (actually, installing the newly-released BETA TBSC drivers *did* fix it).

So, my question is: is this EAX Unified driver *only* intended for Creative soundcards or for any mfg's soundcard that supports EAX?
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  1. I've checked the Creative website, It says the Drivers are for SB Audigy and Audigy 2's running under windows 2000 and XP. If you havent already You might wanna check with Creative though and see what they say. I my self have never liked beta drivers, but thats just me.
  2. I did go to the Creative site and didn't have much luck - your ferreting-out skills are better than mine obviously. Thanks for the info.

    This beta TBSC driver has had mostly positive feedback in other forums. One known issue is 5.1 playback while watching DVDs is broken but, as I only run 2+sub, this doesn't affect my usage. And they *did* fix the problem I was having with my game. I'm curious to reinstall other games I had sound problems with to see if those work now.
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