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I've been set on the CHIEFTEC Server Chasis for the longest time, but I've been looking at it recently and it looks like the door on the front would be extremely annoying. Everytime I want to use the CD or DVD I would have to have this big door open on the case.

So do you have any other ideas on a good case to buy around the $70 range (front USB and FireWire needed).
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  1. Actually its not as bothersome as you may think, and when its closed the case really looks nice and clean looking, I've got the Chieftec Dragon Mid Tower, not once have I regretted getting it. I really like the quick remove Floppy and Hardrive bays, great idea!

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  2. Chieftec makes the same style chassis with a different faceplate, but one of the 4-5.25" drive bays is removed. Unfortunately, they are harder to find, due to the overwhelming popularity of the doored model. <A HREF="" target="_new">Here's the Antec version</A>. Notice that it also excludes the bottom drive cage (why, I don't know).

    A shorter version of the non-doored model can be seen <A HREF="" target="_new">Here</A>

    Personally, I've found <A HREF="" target="_new">This Enlight Case</A> to be a high quality alternative.

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  3. nice..Just bought that enlight case for my folks to build a new comp...

    Hey, you can get that Chieftec model without the front door at They are 39.99, I think and you'll have to buy a PWR supply. DON'T buy antec, cause they just rebrand the chieftec and charge you up the @SS....
  4. No, that's the shorty version from my second link.

    Newegg also offers the case in black. But you have to buy the Antec to get the front connections on the shorty case.

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