Connect Epson RX585 printer to Windows 7

I have a Epson Photo RX585 Printer which is giving me one hell of a headache since I upgraded from XPpro to windows 7 32bit.
I cannot get the Computer to communicate with the printer or is it the printer to accept the computer communication.
I have downloaded the latest driver for the printer from epson home site and installed it.
The automatic configuration of the driver into the appropriate port is not happening and asks me if I want to install it manualy (with me thats like asking a bus driver to fly a jumbo Jet).
I did try getting directions from the internet but got lost and finished up with my printer driver attached to a LTP1 port instead of a printer USB port, needless to say it still wont work.
I then decided that I would add USB ports myself Dont ask me how I did it but some how through the device manager I typed in USB001, USB002 and USB003 and the computer seems to have accepted these port as it has not thrown them back at me yet.
My next venture into the unknown is to configure the printer with one of these ports to see if it will work.
The computer will not configure automatically to any of these ports and I do not have a clue as to how to do it manually.
As you can see by the details above anyone after reading this who is brave enough to attempt to give me instructions as to how to get this compuer of mine and printer onto speaking terms again is either mad or deserving a medal.
Please HELP, Thanks Norman
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  1. i verified on Epson's website that they do provide windows 7 drivers. you should contact them for support.
  2. I had the same problem with an HP printer. Go to "Device Manager" and uninstall all USB ports (assuming printer is USB), but do not check the box to uninstall driver (USB ports will reload after reboot). Reboot machine and login as administrator or other profile that has admin rights that you have yet to try. Install the driver from the disk, or download the driver from EPSON site (Don't manually install the driver from Devices and Printers because you might not have the USB001 available yet), so follow the installation steps it prompts you and you should be good to go.

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