Glass themes shutting down my displays??

Hey everyone.

I just made the switch to Windows 7, and so far i love it. fast, attractive, good features. no worse than XP in any respects

the only problem is EVERYTIME i load a glass theme, it shuts my monitors off (crashing the GPU i guess)

i am running a:

hp nw9440 mobile workstation 17" 1680x1050
and a 1280x1024 external
nvidia quadro FX 1500M
4gb RAM

is this normal? its really bugging me.
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  1. Even if your video card can't handle glass themes, your visuals would end up moving very slowly, instead of crashing outright. But I doubt your video card is too weak, so I'm assuming a driver problem. Have you tried installing the Vista drivers for your video card after switching Windows 7?
  2. yeah i have. it will also shut down when i play certain games. its really annoying. any more ideas?
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    Well, it is a release candidate, so it could very well be a bug, or a bug with nvidia's driver if you use nvidia's. My non quadro 8800gts has no probs using either driver.

    Sounds like an issue with the driver and the way it handles transparency, IMO.
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