How do i take a movie off a dvd an put it on my P C

:na: how do i rip my dvds to my P.C.
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  1. if you need to backup dvd's get this

    or need to rip dvd movies files then get Handbrake(only .mp4 & m4v)
    for .avi & other output fomats
    get the previous version
    from here(on the right side on windows you had an option for downloading older versions

    Both are opensource tools , so its not bad to have a try on it..
    it workes better for me...
  2. I can't believe people are still using DVD shrink. How does it cope with the latest encryption methods?

    I use DVDFab Platinum to back-up my DVD's but you have to pay for it.

    I used to use DVD shrink in the past and it was awesome, but stopped using it as I believed support for it had ceased. Some court ruling in favour of anti-piracy groups crippled them I think. Too bad if you wanted to legitimately back-up your DVD collection.
  3. Or am I thinking of DVD Decryptor?

    Oh hell it's been a while.

  4. magee34 said:
    :na: how do i rip my dvds to my P.C.

    Rip to the PC? Not sure what you are asking, but just drag the DVD files to HD. This will rip to DVD.
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