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I keep seeing messages flashing up and disappearing from the notification area. They occasionally pop up and stay, but not in the same way and other notification messages. When they do that they are asking me to turn on McAfee. I check McAfee and it is already on.

Any thoughts?
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    Sometimes, turning off security and turning it back on fixes it. Also, what version of McAfee are you using? Have you applied all program patches (different from virus def updates) to McAfee? Is it a version that has been certified to work with Windows 7?
  2. Enterprise 8.7i fully updated.

    I shut a bunch of the notifications off and now that you mention it I haven't seen any flashing recently.

    I'll try the off and on if the notifications come back.

    I also switched the scan to run while idle instead of on schedule.

  3. It has been a week and still no flashing. I guess turning the notifications off was like turning up the radio in your car so you don't hear that rattle. Hopefully I'm not being attacked by viruses and don't hear it because the notifications are off.
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  5. Well, I didn't mean to turn if off for ever. I said to turn if off and then turn it back on. That usually fixes it.
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