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Hi i'm am going to purchase two computers, one for myself and one for my wife.

My Laptop will be used maily for the usual business duties of word processing, excel and power point etc. But will i will also want to show power point presentations to potential client so it will need to be fairly stylish to and be able to connect to a projector.

My wife is looking for more of a media centre which she can listen to music and watch dvd's.

I would probably like to get them both from the same manufacturer and have considered either the Asus or Dell systems as i know of two local outlets for these products and i think that i can get a descent deal when i choose the products.

Any advise on who makes the best laptops and which model would suit these requirements.
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  1. What price range for each laptop? :mrgreen:
  2. I'm actually about to order the 999$ Dell XPS m140 ... 18Months No interest Financing.

    comes with some nice stuff.. and also media center.

    im gonna install the new 7200rpm Hitachi and throw in 1GB memory myself, cause dell's obviously a sick ripoff.

    when im done this will be one mean machine......

    and yes i know the graphics are weak only an intergrated solution. But it's just for office apps/aim/web browsing.

    it's not a gameing solution. but for the price.. it's excellent.
  3. Does that dell come with a WideScreen? :mrgreen:
  4. i think so..

    check it out.. lol you possibly can't be that lasy.
  5. Quote:
    i think so..

    check it out.. lol you possibly can't be that lasy.
    Your the one buying it. You should know if it's Widescreen or not. Mine is. :mrgreen:
  6. Oh Sorry i misread your post. yes the model i will be getting is indeed widescreen. 14.1" WXGA screen with optional TrueLife

    I'm opting for the CHEAPER Dell Buy because i will be making personal upgrades of my own. DELL wants close to 200$ for 1GB of memory Upgrade.

    Newegg 1GB notebook for 80$ lol.. and i'll add in that nice Hitachi 7200Rpm Laptop Drive. That should make the system excellent. The only thing is the Graphics are the system is not well. it's just a simple intergrated solution, but it's not for games so i don't care. only game i really play is CS.1.6
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