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i've read thru a lot of the post here to get the answer to my question but since i still have some uncertainty, i guess i'm looking for a comfirmation as to the best way to procede...

i'm getting ready to upgrade to xp2500+ with asus a7n8x and i'm leaning toward 2/ea. 512 pc3200c2 corsair ($109/ea newegg) or the crucial 512 pc3200 w/ cl3 ($80 ea). since i'm not a gamer (some flt sim) nor oc'er does it make sense to purchase the corsair rather than cheaper crucial... i would like to do a little tweak'n to get the best performance out of my rig.

thanx for any help with this indecision... mega

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  1. Go with the Crucial. At worst, you'd end up with some rebranded Samsung with a lifetime warranty. If you're not overclocking, there's no need to get the Corsair.
  2. If you don't want to spend too much extra money for the corsair, get the <A HREF="" target="_new">TwinMos memory with Winbond CH-5 chips</A>.
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