Hi all,
I've got a burner that's stuck in PIO mode =(
FYI: this is winxp with the latest updates & service packs

Here's my IDE setup:

IDE 1)
[master] WD1000 running udma mode 5
[slave] none
IDE 2)
[master] PX-W24,10A running in PIO (booooo)
[slave] some liteon dvd drive running in udma 2 (but doesn't it do PIO too cause your IDE channel goes at the speed of the slowest device?)

From what I understand the burner should be supported in DMA (ata 33 or something) and PIO seems makin' my burns go quite slow.

Any advice welcome, tnx in advance!
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  1. Make sure DMA is enabled in Device Manager. Open up Device Manager and check your primary/secondary IDE busses, make sure "DMA if able" is selected.
  2. Yep everything has that setting, that's why i'm posting =).
    From what I hear PIO uses a lot of CPU power, and most of my burns have not gone faster than ~16 =( Not that i'm expecting them to write at 24x, but writing a full image should eventually go faster than 16x
  3. I kind of figured you'd already have the DMA stuff enabled. Seems to be the most common issue though so I tossed it out there.

    Have you tried running the drive by itself on the Secondary bus? That's what I'd probably do next. Maybe someone else can offer better insight as to what the problem is.
  4. Go into the control panel and remove the Secondary IDE channel. Most of the time this fixes the problem when it reinstalls in WinXP & 2000.
  5. Tnx guys, I'll try both solutions, and report back in a bit. =)
  6. Nice guys, thanks a lot for the help, mucho appreciated!
    smitbret's fix worked, removing the secondary channel from device manager and then rebooting.

    /me buys you a beer!
  7. You may have to repeat that on a rare occasion. Glad it worked that easily for ya. Just a weird glitch in WinXP & 2000, must be an NTFS thing.
  8. Not so sure on that.
    I only have one of many drives that is NTFS and it is not my windows partition =\
  9. windows xp IS NTFS so your windows partition must be NTFS
  10. windows xp can run on either NTFS or FAT 32. You make the selection when you install XP whether to format to NTFS or leave at FAT 32.
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