Laptop Display Screens in 800x600 resolution

Can some one help me I am going nuts :roll:
I currently have a Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop (for 5 years now)
It has a 15.0 inch screen and I use it in 800x600 resolution because I have poor vision and it makes all the images larger. The screen is perfect for me on this machine.
My problem is now that I am looking for a new laptop I can not find a screen either 15.4 or just 15.0 for even 14 or 14.1 that is not fuzzy or has poor image quality in 800x600 mode.
I ordered the Dell Inspiron 6000 with SVGA 15.4 screen and returned it because it was horrible in 800x600 resolution.
Can you recommend a laptop that has a can display images in good
quality when in 800x600 resolution

Thanks for your help
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  1. Wow, that might be a tough one. LCDs have fixed resolution - most laptops are 1024x768 or higher nowadays, and blowing it up makes it horrible.

    I don't know about their laptop displays, but the Dell 17" LCDs we have at work look darn good at any resolution, even 800x600. Maybe that's worth a look.

    I don't know if they're put in laptops, but a 1600x1200 panel will scale perfectly to 800x600. If you find a widescreen with 1600x 'something else', give it a try at a store - it'll be 800x 'something smaller', but it should scale properly for viewing.

    Anyways, good luck on your search.

  2. A UXGA (1600x1200) or, WUXGA (1920x1200) can be scaled evenly down to SVGA (800x600) or QuarterWUXGA (960x600) without making "fuzzy" lettering due to scaling issues.

    If you are looking at a 15" panel displaying SVGA resolution, that comes out to about 66dpi. This is roughly equivallent to a 23" diagonal 1280x768 television-use LCD. If you want to find out who, in the brick-and-mortar stores, knows anything about displays, tell them you want a display with 66dpi or 0.38 to 0.39 mm pixel width.

    If your vision is getting worse, start looking at plasma or LCD televisions. I'm sure you're aware how difficult it is to type or surf the web without enough pixels so getting more by buying a larger screen could be worth the investment. Who knows? Maybe you can watch television on it, too.
  3. Actually lowering resolution is a common mistake since you can maintain your native resolution and sharp image, and increase the dpi to make items larger, or increase the font and icon size.
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