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I have a 3 year old Fujitsu P2000 (2120) and am thinking about an upgrade. The batteries don't last as long as they used to. Between my high-capacity main and the secondary, I only get 5-7 hours of typing and the old Transmetta processor isn't exactly exciting.

Are there any recommendations for a new notebook with amazingly long run-time on batteries? I could just opt for the P7000 series but the keyboard and display are a bit small even though I like a lot of the other features.

I left a note on the forum of CNET asking the same thing but the only suggestion so far was to buy an iPaq and Qosmio and to forget about grammar and spelling. :p

Mobile Guru! Help me~! ;_;
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  1. The problem with your batteries is they're just old. You've taken good care of them though - most times they dont' last 3 years with > 50% life remaining. If you can get new ones you're runtime will rebound.

    Don't know much about long runtime laptops - Sorry.

  2. I think Dell has a notebook with an 8 hour run time on batteries.
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