Boot Loader???

Need to install a Boot loader for Win Xp(or 2k)

Have a box with 2 physical HD's... and 2 OS's, Suse Linux 7.3 and LiLo on disk 1, and Win XP on disk2. Both run well and LiLo controls the StartUp/DualBoot/ OS selection.

I want to pull disk1 from the box and use only disk2. But no BootLoader on disk2! Nothing starts when I try using only th XP disk...

Whats the easiest way to install the MS Bootloder/manager to start up the existing OS on disk??? Or any bootloader that'll work?
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  1. just install over it, it wont hurt

    you shot who in the what now?
  2. No, it won't hurt.

    But xp will become dependent on 98/me. If you ever have to reinstall 98/me, you'll have to do a (shudder) reinstall of xp to load the MBF again.

    I prefer a 3rd party (whatever!) bootloader, so that the operating systems are self contained, and completely independent of each other. You can even make them invisible to each other, completely; as in, the OS can't even access the partition, so you never have to configure/take away the drive letter.
  3. Actualy, I just moved disk2 up to be the only one, booted from the XP CD and did a repair, and used FixMbr... That got it...
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