ecc: support vs. compatibility

i found an intel developer document that stated an intel mainboard would work with ecc sdram even though all the consumer documents indicated it only supported non-ecc sdram (without ecc, of course).***

// edit:
// forgot to mention the p4s533-x only "supports" non-ecc.
// i don't even want ecc; i just want to be able to use my ecc sdram, without ecc, in this mainboard.

since i'm getting an asus p4s533-x (x2 sdram, x2 ddr) and i have 256mb of ecc sdram, i'd like to know if i can use ecc sdram (pc133) and get it to work (without ecc of course)???

i know ddr is faster and my sdram will be a bottleneck, but even this will be worlds faster than my old computer and since i'll be using a celeron 2.0ghz (400mhz fsb) in the new board, at least the bottleneck will not be as bad as if i had a p4 (533mhz fsb).

i emailed asus last week, but no reply.



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  1. It should work, but it will be faster if you disable the ECC feature, but enable it, if it doesn't want to run with it disabled.

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  2. thanks!!

    i know ecc costs about 1 or 2% performance and i doubt ecc will ever matter to me, so i'll probably never buy ecc again. stupid ecc! (not to mention the fool who bought it)

    i'll report the results after the mainboard arrives, maybe middle of next week.

  3. ECC SDRAM WORKS ON P4S533-X!!! (Kingston)

    Unfortunately, my new agp 4x vid card isn't working in that all colors are weird and there's a strange colored streak to the right (bigger in large blocks.)

    It's a PNY GEFORCE4 MX440-SE AGP. I did a total reinstall of WinXP and installed all new drivers, bios updates,, but it did the same thing no matter what. This includes installing the NVIDEA Direct X8.1 driver and video card drivers.

    Fortunately, I noticed in BIOS that the P4S533-X supported AGP 1x/2x/4x, so I set it at 2x and slapped my old Savage 4 32MB card back in, and I'm in business.

    Note that this board is also not advertised as supporting any AGP other than 4x, so the board is very backward compatible.

    I'm ok with the system performance, so I probably won't buy any ddr-sdram anytime soon.


  4. unfortunately, i'm having crashes reported by ms feedback agent to be "driver issues" with this configuration (only info i get is a minidump, not useful to me). the crashes happen at seemingly random times, like clicking on something in network firewall settings (xp pro), or dragging a window titlebar. i'm guessing either memory or video probs, but i haven't ruled out bios or mainboard. power supply is new sparkle 300w. nothing is overclocked and all tempertures are normal, all service packs and updates have been applied. crashing started after installing xp sp1, but i needed that to install .net framework. i used to have an asus cubx and celeron 500mhz, everything else the same, and it almost never crashed, although it was a bit slow. i'm not what to do. maybe upgrade ram to ddr? random crashes are really bad because i could lose important work. any ideas?

    asus p4s533-x
    pc133 256mb (kingston ecc)
    celeron 2.0ghz
    savage4 32mb
    ibm 32gb 7200rpm (ata66)
    adaptec 2940uw scsi (ibm 4gb 5400rpm, hp 6200 scanner)
  5. The crashes stopped after the first day. I'm not sure why they began or stopped. All seems to be running well. I'm keeping my ecc sdram unless the crashes resume.
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