Updating Asus Crosshair III drivers to support Win7.

I have been researching up on the Asus Crosshair III before i purchase. I have been reading reviews about how you need to download Win7 drivers and the most recent bios from the internet which is not a problem. However i came across one concern. I am building a computer from nothing, and the drivers that come with the Asus Crosshairs are not for win7. I also read that in order to update the drivers to win7 you need vista. I just need confirmation that this is true. Is it possible to update my motherboard's drivers/bios just by purchasing the full version of Win7? Or do i have to purchase vista and update the drivers/bios and then buy the upgrade for win7? Just a little confused as to what needs to be done.

I went on the asus website and found the drivers. Just need clarification on how i install them. Thanks in advance!
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  1. pretty sure you can install drivers after installing win7.. the main problem that people have are their mobos not recognizing their cpu's but i don't see that problem with this board..

    if you can boot to hd, then you're golden.. after you install win7, go to asus website and dl drivers that you need.. or you can dl them right now on the comp ur using right now and install them after you install win7
  2. buy win7 full not upgrade, install win7 and install driver period.
  3. thanks! i was just worried that my computer will not start. And i just purchased the board a few hours. Im not planning on over clocking, but i have the 140w 965 BE, not the 125w cpu, so i know that is supported. Thanks! If any one has any other experiences please let me know. Just worried that when it comes time to install Win7 (full version) my system will not accept it because it doesnt have the latest drivers. Thanks again.

    i've also read issues with win7 and the sound card the board comes with. anyone NOT have issues with the card and win7? Or were those people just experiencing bad luck
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