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Ok yes, I know the last thing anyone wants is another post asking .. "which blah blah do i buy" etc.. but I am a kinda in a lost place here. I am a big PC nerd so i am down with all the pc stuff, but i not going to living in places over the next few years that i can lug my big PC's around .. so i want to score a notebook. Naturally, like most computer people i am into the whole bracket - media, games, and yes do to reality that boring word processing type stuff. I have been researching for a while but i need a hand on some options. price range: around 2000ish canadian (i will go a bit over if needed), I want to be able to do gaming (ie good video card, good screen response time), definately need a dvd burner, I was thinking about going for 17 inch, I was looking at toshiba (like the Satellite P30) , acer or dell - but i need for info on the three - always thought dell sucked, toshiba - good, and acer i know zip about on notebooks. can anyone give me some suggested notebooks or opinions on what to hook up (also any suggestions on processor or specific components) one place have bought from before is:

did not know if anything good there...I appreciate any assistance you guys can offer
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  1. See my post in this thread, I'd say the new Alienware m range would be in your sights as well.
  2. get the toshiba, i got a sattelite a70, best thing i ever baught 3ghz p4, 80gig hd, 15.4 in wide screen, 512mb ram upgradeable to 1.5gig, multiscreen capable, dvd burner, it was only 1300 canadian, its a very good deal
  3. i bought a Asus z70va notebook last Sept. Centrino 1.86, ati x700 128mb, gig of ram, 60gig. You can buy it bearbones or get it set up by a reseller. This laptop can play every latest game out there. I'm currently playing FEAR at medium graphics settings and it plays it very smoothly. It cost me 1850$ before tax in Canadian dollars. I'm pretty sure its come down in price at least $100 since then. You can pretty much set it up with whatever specs you want.

    Based on the research that i did before i bought, this was absolutely the best specs for the money, and i don't regret my purchase at all. You don't hear much about Asus laptops, which is to bad cause they put out a very good product, the even manufature products for some of the bid brands like sony and apple if i'm not mistaken.

    oh yeah the screen its great as well 15.4", res of 1680x1050

    good luck on your search
  4. I'm waiting for the delivery of a Dell Inspiron 9400 (e1705). Specs are fabulous. Has the new duo core processor and 7800 Go graphics card. Pricing could be close to what you have. I'm from Canada too, and I ordered 2 of them for $4996.00 CAD including tax. I added several upgrades or the price would have been lower (and i've seen posts of others who had lower prices). You can with a small amount of effort find Dell online coupons (e value codes) that will bring the price down too.

    There's a good thread on this laptop at:
  5. Sounds like you want a Desktop replacement. Which is great. I have a Intel 3.4 ee L3 2mb cache dual 80gb hard drives dvd/rw drive and 1gb of ram and Radeon 9700 256mb video card. 17 In.

    But Like mustangs it great on power but gas Milage not so great.
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