Windows is not genuine??

my widows is not genuie in my loptop what are we doing without formating?
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  1. First of all, if you pirated windows, then yes it will tell you that.
    If you haven't then you may have not completed the online activation, or there may be a virus screwing stuff up.
  2. WE are not doing anything, YOU will need to buy a legal copy of Windows
  3. easy there guys... OP did it come with windows? do you have a certificate of authenticity on the bottom with a windows key? almost all laptops ship with an OEM version of windows that permanently belongs to the laptop and that you are entitled to install.

    we of course aren't going to help you pirate it but you can do a factory restore or contact the manufacturer for restore disks if you have that windows license sticker. otherwise you'll have to buy it
  4. WAT remover should fix it :) as long as its legit it doesn't matter what you use.
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