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I have a SB Audigy2 and I want to buy speakers but I am not sure what to buy. What is the best bang for my buck? I am willing to spend $200 or more but I want to consider the quality for my dollar as well. I look at Cambridge Soundworks 5.1 and I think its fine but people swear by the Klipsch brand. Any suggestions?
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  1. Cambridge 5.1 or the Creative 5.1 systems around the $100.00 range are fine speakers, I 've got the Cambridge 5.1 and my wife has the Creative 5.1 and they sound great.

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  2. I've seen my Klipsch ProMedia 4.1 system on clearence at the local computer shop for $199.00 (in Seattle) and $215.00 at Newegg. These are audiophile quality speakers, very loud and crystal clear. I'd get these unless you need a center channel, in which case I'd get one of what 4ryan6 said^ or something very similar (my reasoning is that, for the same price, I'd rather have a very high quality 4.1 system than a mid-range quality 5.1 system). But that's just me.

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