IBM 180GXP installation issues

I'm sorry if this issue has been addressed before but I really am stuck on this one.
I've just bought a IBM 180GXP drive 185GB to run alongside my maxtor 80gb. It installed ok, I checked the bios and it was there, primary slave 185gb. Then when I booted into windows and went to partition magic 8 to partition and format it recognised the drive as only being 131,069mb big! Somehow I've lost 50gb. I'm not sure if it's a windows issue or bios, but what's confusing me is the fact it's 185gb in bios setup... Looked at m/board website for updates but none of them address any issues like this.
My board is an Asus A7N8X and I'm running Windows XP (not SP1 coz it made my computer more unstable...)
If anyone has any info or suggestions I'd love to hear them because I'm slowly going mad here...!
Please help, I'm down to 150mb on my 80gb drive!!
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  1. What does computer management recognize it as?

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  2. Not sure what you mean by computer management.
    As far as I can tell the computer recognises it as a 185gb drive right up until the point where windows starts loading...
  3. Start>Control Panel>Performance & Maintenance>Administrative Tools>Computer Management

    then open the Computer Management (Local)>Storage tree and select Disk Management. It should show your hard disk there with a specific size. The size is presumably incorrect.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> This </A> explains why and how you can get around it.

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  4. Right checked it out...
    Looks like I need SP1 to use MS's 48bit LBA support...
    WTF they can't just put out a working OS in the first place is beyond me... but that's another story.
    Well fingers crossed SP1 doesnt screw up my machine as badly as it did last time =/

    thanx for the help sjonnie, hope this sorts it... =]
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