smooth sailin under win98 but sloppy in xp

i had installed win 98 earlier and it was working great,no probl's at all but
when i tried to switch to xp things went totally out of control

i have tested all types of install.
1.full format of hdd(fat 32) and then a pure xp install from cd on (primary 7gb part)
2.installed xp as dual boot with win 98(with both partitions havin fat32)
3.upgrading 98 to xp(kept fat 32).
each time the setup runs smoothly but the moment it displays the welcome message,
requesting user name and password(after all the install proc is over) ,pc hangs.
sometimes i am able to get to the desktop secene.(however max time for which xp works fine is not more than 1 min)
even ctrl-alt-del doesn't work when it hangs.

i have tried to see possible conflicts by viewing device manager in safe mode(in normal mode till i get to the page pc hangs),but it does not show any conflicts.
moreover it recognises all my h/w correctly(only exception was the ati radeon ve card where it showed 64 mb ddr whereas mine was 32mb sdram).i changed the settings but then also the same problems showed up again.

i took the cd to 2 of my friends(one of them had an athlon1.1ghz with kt133 chipset all integrated soltek mobo & 128 mb ram while another had a p3-500 with 815e chipset mobo & 128 mb ram )
place and it worked fine at both crashes or hangs

following is my sys config,
1.Atlon 1.7 Xp.
2.DFI AD73 (REv A)(KT 266A )mobo.
3.128 mb MICRON DDR RAM.
4.32MB SDRAM Ati RADEON VE based Video card.
6.17" LG FLATRON at 1024*768 and high-colour 16 bit.
7.SB LIVE VAlue.
8.300W SMPS and 1 case fan cabinet.(sys temp:39 c and cpu temp:55 c)
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  1. I would have to go with your video as the cause, I would try a different one and see what happens.

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  2. check your memory settings (CAS level, etc.). Don't overclock your RAM during the install.

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  3. did you check event viewer?

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  4. Try a clean install with the NTFS format and not FAT32. NTFS is more stable and FAT32 could be one of the causes. The more logical choice is probably your graphics card or believe it or not your monitor. I installed Win XP on a friends computer who had the same exact setup as I did with the exception of graphics card and monitor. We quickly ruled out that it wasn't the graphics card because it was a GF3 with the latest drivers. The monitor was always a little funny even when installing Win ME. On a fresh install it would say "Out of Sync Range". I would then have to go in a fiddle around with drivers and switch to the proper adapter in the display properties. I forget what kind of monitor it was but I believe it was a 17" Dell with a flat screen(best I can come up with). When we switched to a new monitor XP installed beautifully and stayed stable. That was my first experience where a monitor actaully gave me trouble. Very wierd indeed. I hope this helps you a little. But I'm sure you will figure it out.

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  5. what is event viewer and where can i find it.
    i have not changed any ram settings.(defaults loaded).
    like groth says,
    i had experienced a out of sync message eher the screen went blue and a dialog box appeared on screen stating some mismatch between video card and monitor refresh frequency but i don' know what it meant since i am running everything at default specified.
  6. There are two possibilities I can think of with relation to the monitor being the cause of problems:

    1) The video card is defective. By that I mean it is misdetecting the correct refresh rate limits of the monitor.

    2) The monitor is defective. The monitor isn't reporting it's specs correctly to the system.

    Once you get the resolution and refresh rates straightened out however, this should no longer be an issue... provided the video card or monitor is not defective.

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  7. About the only problem that stands out to me is:

    1.Atlon 1.7 Xp.
    4.32MB SDRAM Ati RADEON VE based Video card.
    8.300W SMPS

    I'm guessing SMPS is some acronym of Power Supply Unit. If it is, there's a real good chance all this is power related.

    You can search the amd site for the amperage needed to run the 1700 at full power (snowball's chance in h3ll it's there), or you can take a look at MBM to see what your +5v rail is doing. If it's anywhere near 4.9v, you're looking at a power issue.
  8. event viewer is under admin tools in control panel- its very useful

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