DELL INSPIRION 1100 main fuse?!?!?!

Does anyone know what the circuitboard # is for the fuse on this computers mobo?
the mobo #'s are bdwoo la-1452 rev1.0
The darn thing runs great off the batt, but it wont charge the batt. and the adapter reads good on the mulitmeter...I am having the darndest time locating a blown componet or fuse on this mobo.
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  1. Do you think it is only a matter of fuse? I have a Dell Inspiron 2650 laptop. 6 months ago I forgot to place the battery in its place and I turned it on. When I noticed the absence of the battery, I turned it off and I placed the battery. After that, the laptop isn't able to recharge the battery but is still able to work on AC or on the battery. Maybe the thing that I placed the battery shortly after turning off the laptop or something else affected the recharge circuit.
    So, I guess, my laptop has the same problem as yours.
  2. I do think Mines a fuse due to the fact that it will not run on the ac unit or acknoledge that the ac is plugged into the computer. its either the fuse or the curcuit the motherboard has at the ac input plug. I can charge the battery on the bench with the ac adapter using clips, but not through the computers curcuit.

    I really need the motherboards schematics....
  3. I am having the exact same problems and i was wondering if you could tell me how to recharge the battery while it is disconnected from the laptop. I have two batteries and if I could charge one while the other is in use by the computer, it would be a good enough fix for me because im a college student with a part time job aka no money for any expensive solution. But please keep me informed with what you find out.
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