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I have a dual hard drive system. When I attempt install windows 7 from the disk, I can do it and then install some programs, but windows ask to install important updates. Once it does this it always crashes and I can't boot into windows anymore. The repair windows 7 install does NOT work. Neither does the restore to a previous time work. Does this indicate that the hard disk is defective? I have used the western digital tool and it tested fine.
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  1. Wish I had an answer for you. Not sure if yours acts anything similar but Microsoft update causes a lot of problems for my HP laptop. I reinstalled Vista twice after it would work fine for a month then would restart after the Windows animated boot logo. After many atempts it would fianlly boot and tell me it had just installed an important update. So I upgraded to Win7 and after a month it started doing the same thing. The only thing I can do is let it boot cycle 20-30 times and it will finally boot. It always gets just passed the animated Windows boot logo then restarts on it's own. I had to install Linux so atleast I can use my laptop while it is acting up. It is so funny because I will try a dozen times to boot and restart from Linux and it will boot into Windows as if nothing was ever wrong and merely say an important Windows Security update was installed.
  2. first off with your system check that there no bios updates for the mb. sometimes there new cpu code or ram bug fixes.
    the second thing i would check is run memtest on your ram. you could have a bad spot of ram or a bad ram stick. when you run the cd-rom install or from one hd to the other. you may be only using one stick of ram that working and the data not being damaged. the other issue could be is the disk you have is not a good copy of windows but a hacked copy. if it hacked then windows is checking that it real and it not and it killing your bad copy. the other issues is your having two download or patches that are being installed not in order and there killing windows. when i do a fresh install i turn off windows updates. I download the mb chipset drivers first..install and reboot. then i do the video/network card and sound. i reboot and make sure there working and there no yellow !! in windows device manager. i then install my anti virus and let it update and scan the pc once.
    i then go to windows update and click on one update at a time. let it install and then reboot. it might take longer this way but it keeps windows from loading the service pack in the wrong order.
  3. I tried to reinstall windows brand new onto the drive. I had unplugged my other hard drive. SHould this be done? Once it installs windows, everytime after rebooting I have to select the drive I want to run windows from, it will start the repair windows program when I select the large drive. Then it will not fix windows. That's about it. Can't do anything at all. Why would my RAM be bad? My original disk works fine. only about 6 GB remaining on the disk.
  4. on the new drive when you boot into windows install go into the advance mode and remove all the partion..then let windows reinstall itself...right now on the master boot record windows left some of itself there to tell itself there two os system. you have to get rid of that info to make the new drive boot straight into windows.
  5. I went into my good drive (smaller) and went to disk management and deleted the partitions on the larger drive. Then I rebooted and started windows setup again on my larger drive. So it installs windows and I reboot into my dual boot system, select the large drive and I can get in. Now I install firefox and chrome and upgrade ie to ie9 from ie8. Guess what? When I reboot now, the windows startup repair program starts and runs for a few minutes. It says to click finish. I click finish and reboot. On the way shutting down it says it's installing a few updates. Are these the IE updates I just installed? They must be since I didn't download anything else, and I elected to "Ask Me" for updates. Then I start again. Guess what? It starts windows repair again. It can't fix it whatever the problem is. Game over. This is ridiculous.... What a waste of my time to sit here and install it.
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