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hi all,
i am trying to get a couple of old boxes up and running. one is a dell, one is gateway, and the third is a packard bell. all of about 1994 vintage, 486, 66mhz.
when i go to load OSs i boot off a win95 or 98 boot disk. runs the process and ends at the a prompt. during the process i might get a message that says "incorrect device driver selected" and at the end of the process i get "no drive found". the cdroms are not being detected.
i have heard there are programs that you can download (free, i am cheap) that will detect the cdrom and make a boot disk specific to that cdrom? anyone know of any?

Insanity has it's perks...
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  1. <A HREF="" target="_new">There you go</A>.
  2. thanks for the post but i have been there, done that, didn't work. dang thing just isn't recognizing any cdrom, i have tried three different cdroms with the same results.
    have checked connections, ribbons, jumpers. dang thing won't even let me load msdos by way of the a:\ drive.
    think i am just going to scrap it.
    thanks again,

    Insanity has it's perks...
  3. I know this is 6 days late but it may help someone else.
    Is the bios set to autodetect?
    Put the cd roms on the secondary and set the bios to auodetect. The bios may be set at none and thats why the computer cant see them.
    Also do they have power?
    Have you tried using the newer 80 wire cables and older 40 wire cables?
    Just a thought.
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