A few questions about my laptop

Is it ok, to leave a laptop (toshiba) computer on for very long times (like 15 or so hours/day)? Does that hurt the computer in any way? You see, I used to only turn my computer on when I'm using it and then turn if off right after. But now I've been (and plan to continue for a few months) keeping it on all evening and night, to download stuff. Would that shorten the computer's life in any way?

Note: I have set power settings so that the computer always runs with highest cpu speed, it never goes into hibernation or standby and so that the hard disk never goes off. Also, cooling method is set to 'performance'.
Also, the computer will be downloading so I guess the hard disk will be working the whole time.

I would apreciate any feed back.
Thank you!!!
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  1. Use some sort of program to watch your cpu temperatur, my Dell stays on about 12hrs a day (downloading also), but I'd be careful not to run applications like Seti on a notebook, as running at full speed and full usage for sustained periods of time is potentially damaging, (not too damaging, but it will reduce the lifespan of the CPU by a few months) - but if ur temperatures are below 70'C (65'C to be safe) if u have a Pentium 4, or below 60'C in a Pentium III and even further below on a slower CPU, you should be fine.

    Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?
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