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Ok. i want to go hunting and digging for Quartz or Amethyst. i live in the NW part of georgia and recently had a flood and it rose my creek and then went back down and now there is a big opening of a wall of clay. i wonder if i can digg in that wall of dirt and maybe get some Quartz. cuz i hear theirs lots of good quartz in georgia and South carolina. i would be amazed to find a good piece of quartz thats not just a big granite or marble boulder. there are way too many worthless boulders in my creek and around it. hope this helps. :heink: :heink: :whistle: . i wish on starting a collection of crystals and gems from the wild that i find myself.
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  1. Find a sunny day and stand facing the sun and look at the plane which may contain quartz with the line of sight forming an angle of about 45-30 degree with the plane you are looking at and you should see the reflection of the quartz (shiny speck, if there is any quartz). Pick up the quartz on the surfaces and dig a bit to see if there is more under it.

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