Can not RDC from outside

I have a prblem with RDC from outside to Server 2003. I can connect to RDC to Server 2003 from inside. I tried to RDC toanother PC from outside, and it was OK. The problem is only the Server 2003.
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  1. hello,
    the proper term would be "rdp" (remote desktop protocol). the problem is most likely
    Remote Desktop for Administration is disabled, as it is by default. Also terminal server clinet access lincense may need to be installed.
    here are some links you may find useful
  2. dont forget to setup port forwarding on your router for external access.
  3. So RDP by default uses port 3389, but if you have multiple computers you wish to RDP to, you will want to configure a unique Port for each of these and then configure your Router to forward the ports to this.

    Also please do yourself a favor and make sure your running RDP version 7 so your data is not being sent around in clear text
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