IC7-G ICH5R RAID Problems/Serillel 2 adapters

I've been having a problem with the IC7-G ICH5R RAID losing the second HDD after completing set up of the array. I thought I had it sorted out after the third time but...........

Started up the system this morning after spending all night loading up software and setting up network..........

After getting everything up and running on the third try this *$&#+!@#!*^@ just lost the RAID volume and I have to start from square one all over again.

Is anyone having a similar problem? I'm beginning to think this is hardware related. I'm using 2 WD800JB's with Abit Serillel 2 adapters. I rebooted many times last night without a single problem while installing drivers and software. This morning on boot up the second drive "failed" and the RAID volume is gone again - along with OS and everything else.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

P4 2.8C
Swiftech MCX4000 HS
Delta FFB0812SHE Fan
2 X OCZ256433EL Memory
2 X WD800JB w/2 Serrillel 2 Adapters on ICH5R RAID
ATI AIW 9700 Pro
Creative Audigy 2
US Robotics Fax Modem
Pioneer 117 MG DVD-ROM
TDK 401248X CD-RW
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  1. Wierd, weird, weird.

    I cleared the CMOS. Went back into BIOS (11) - Integrated Periphals - On Chip IDE Device - On Chip Serial ATA set to Enhanced - IDE 3 Master IDE 4 Master - Enabled RAID. Back out to On Board PCI Device - checked that Serial ATA controller is enabled. Saved and exited.

    When the machine restarted the RAID boot screen said the missing drive was found. I chose to rebuild with the found drive and it booted into Windows with all the info still on the array. Yea!

    I'm gonna' shut her down again and see if she boots without a problem. If there is a problem I'll try the drives on the Sil Image controller Sata 3 & 4.

    This is the best hobby I ever found. It'll keep me busy for decades. If it doesn't kill me with aggravation first. :smile:

    I hope someday I can use this machine for what I intended - video editing.
  2. Hey, that's what I was going to suggest! Glad to hear it worked fine!

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  3. Hey Crash;

    This box pulls the same stunt every time I shut it down for a while. On cold restarts the drive on Port 1 fails, I enter the RAID utility and choose "3 - Rebuild Array." After it threatens to loose all my data I choose "Y" and on reboot the array is gone. Drive on Port 0 is OK, Port 1 is failed, RAID array is not bootable and a drive is listed beneath the array as OK but not bootable.

    I clear CMOS, change the settings, Turbo Mode, Integrated Periphals - On Chip IDE Device - Enable On Chip Serial ATA, SATA 1 IDE set to 3 Master, SATA 2 set to IDE 4 Master, check Onboard PCI Device - Serial ATA Controller Enabled.

    I restart, the RAID boot screen informs me a drive has been found, would I like to rebuild the array? (No, I'd rather install all this software over again). I choose yes, machine restarts and boots into windows.

    I rebooted several times since the last episode, the RAID array is OK and bootable and I go right into Windows.

    System froze twice when installing a program and a game. I don't think this problem is related to the RAID problem. I haven't had time to tweak any settings just trying to get this RAID problem sorted out so I'm running at stock speeds and memory on SPD 2.5/7/3/3.

    Any ideas? All advice is greatly appreciated.

  4. Funny...my board has a similar but opposite problem...it loses the SCSI, SATA, RAID configuration on a soft boot. Never fails on a cold start.

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  5. I cleared CMOS last night - this morning booted up - went into BIOS - set it up and booted into Windows. Installed the printer, no problem. While installing the scanner the system froze. Restart and no RAID array - lost the second drive AGAIN!

    After clearing CMOS again I switched the drives from the ICH5R On Chip channels (SATA 1&2) to the Silicon Image On Board channels (SATA 3&4) making sure I kept the drives in the same order. Set it all up in BIOS and the second drive wasn't found again. It's highly unlikely both controllers are bad. I'm beginning to think I have a bad HDD.

    I'm going to swap it out today since Best Buy has the WD800JB on sale after rebate for $59.99 (plus tax). So $99.99 + $6 tax = $105.99 - $40 rebate = 65.99. $.824875/GB. The price is low enough to justify purchase for diagnosing this problem. I'm tired of this BS. Maybe a new drive is the answer. If so I can RMA the bad drive back to WD. Gotta' love that 3 year warranty.

    Am I on the right track? Any thoughts?


    Cleared CMOS - configured BIOS - both drives OK but unbootable - entered RAID utility (Ctrl+I) - chose #3 rebuild set - all data will be lost - "Y" - second drive is found - "Y" - reboot - into Windows no problem. Finished installing Visioneer 8900 USB scanner.

    Well, it's working fine now. I'd love to get this system stable so I don't have to worry about losing the RAID array every time I reboot. I'd love to try some OC'ing but now sure I'll be able to get back into windows without resetting CMOS and starting over again.

  7. FYI

    Downloaded latest drivers for ATI AIW 9700 Pro and so far no repeats of RAID problems. Running stable. :smile:
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