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Hey, can any of you guys help me,
I've recently got a K750i and have purchased ImToo 3gp converter to try and get some videos on there, however I can't get them to work properly on the phone. In ImToo there is an option for same quality, If I don't select this then the video is unwatchable coz the picture is to blocky (is that a word?). If I do select same quality then after just a couple of seconds of play back the picture starts to jump and then the sound cuts off completely. I have tried the video on a Nokia 6230i with same quality selected and it plays without a problem? Any clue why this is and more importantly how I can fix it? any help would be massively appreciated,
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  1. Did you try yasa 3gp video converter? I just use it convert videos to my nokia. It works fine to me.
  2. These videos were generated using ImToo 3GP Converter, and tested on a k750. Seems the work, although the quality isn't the greatest.
  3. Did you try this 3gp converter? It has a K750i profile, so you need just select this profile and press "Convert". Quality is very good.. 8)
  4. you can do one thing go to sony's service centre and ask them about this problem,
    i think they can better tell you......
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