New build, old HD. BSOD

Hello, I have decided to build my own first computer, and am having some problems. A little back story, I bought a laptop from cyberpower PC about 2 years ago, which has a sata HD with windows 7 on it. I also had an old HD from an old Gateway which had windows Vista on it.

So my problem is that after the bios load screen, it attempts to load windows (it shows the windows logo) and then instantly blue screens. It happens with both hard drives.

Core I5 2500k
Gigabyte GA-Z77 - DS3H
Diablotek 650W
Patriot 4g PSD34G13332H
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  1. it will blue screen due to driver conflicts

    best bet is a clean install of windows
  2. the windows vista drive your new rig is over specked for vista just on the ram and it wont load. the other drive with windows 7 on it will load if you use f8 safe mode and remove all the drivers under windows system then reboot. if not you have to nuke and pave one of the drives.
  3. ^^+1 The hardware you have now is significantly different from the hadware used in the original OS install. Put a fresh copy of Win7 on and you will have fewer problems.
  4. Alright, currently reinstalling fresh. Will update if anything arises.
  5. usually if the mobo and cpu is changed, then a windows repair would be necessary to get it working again
  6. ChazLazy said:
    Alright, currently reinstalling fresh. Will update if anything arises.

    Hi :)

    Dont forget to load the Motherboard DRIVERS after the windows install...and NO they are not included in Windows.....

    All the best Brett :)
  7. Also your motherboard probably set itself to AHCI and your old windows installs were installed with the drives in IDE mode. This causes instant BSODs on boot.
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