Unable to create new system partition. Help please!

Loading Win 7 on a new WDC HDD with Gigabyte GA EP31 DS3L motherboard. Shows two partitions and Loads drivers on request but then says "Unable to create new partition system partition or locate an existing partition. See setup log files for details." I can't locate system log files and there seems to be no way past this point. Can anyone help me please? John Nicol jonicol18@bigpond.com
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  1. Two Partitions? Did you create these when you got to the 'Where do you want to Install Windows 'screen? If not, where did they come from...??
  2. Try formatting the disk and starting over. When windows installs it creates an un-named partition for system resources and the main partition named "C". You must select ok and let it do this during the beginning of the installation. Please do not post personal contact information in the forum.
  3. As DogSnake suggests, you would nomally only 'see' one partition in Computer/Windows Explorer,but in the 'Disk Management' screen you'll see 100Mb System Reserved as well as 'C ' Would recommend you clean install by returning to the installation screen and choose 'Drive Options (Advanced)'. Here you can delete all existing partitions and format the drive before proceeding with installation.
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