Turned off auto restart when system failure. Computer still restarts.

Well i thought that turning off the option for auto restart when a system failure occurs would be a good idea so i could see a blue screen of death so i could determine the problem with my computer but it did nothing. My computer still restarts whenever. Any idea why this could still be happening?
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  1. did u see the error code? if you did can you post it?
  2. nope no error code because it does not blue screen it keeps restarting even thought i turned off the option.
  3. you ALWAYS see the blue screen. even if for only a split second. if you aren't seeing a blue screen and you turned the reboot option off its not happening.

    So. when does it restart? what are you doing? what are your system specs? didnt really give us any info.

    could be a possible hardware problem or likely overheating which will just cause a crash. have you run memtest86+? have you checked your CPU/gpu temps? theres really no reason to use the blue screen, windows gives the error in a popup when you reboot if there was one. have you at least checked the event log?

  4. Your restart is likely due to a problem beyond the computers control such as a crash that prevents it from even showing you a BLUESCREEN.

    You should run MEMTEST before doing anything else: www.memtest.org

    If the disc doesn't boot, make sure that your DVD drive is before the hard drive in the BIOS boot order.
  5. Restarts without a BSOD? I'd say look in the area of your Power Supply.
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