Computer BSOD, then reboot, then freezes at all startups

Hello, the problem I'm having seems to consist of many (very annoying) portions.

Firstly, my computer was going into shutdown last night when I finished using it. I came back in because it sounded like it was still on, and it had rebooted itself and tried to begin a repair automatically.

Secondly, I let it continue this, only to come in at 11pm the following day (it was 3AM when I got off) and it was still repairing.

Then, I cancelled it (which it told me I couldn't do, so I rebooted) and went back in and logged in. I started Avast to check for viruses and both scans (quick and full) flashed on and off quickly without scanning, so I figured there must be a virus preventing it from scanning. I scheduled a boot-time scan and rebooted.

When it logged back into Windows, it did not boot-time scan, but instead just moved on and logged in. I checked Avast and it said I was unprotected. I tried to go get Malware Bytes, and it crashed and then BSOD.

I tried to boot up in safe mode and the safe mode startup froze at classpnp.sys, as did safe mode with netowrking (I was going to try a remote access from my laptop to fix it.)

When I try to boot up normally, it freezes on the Windows logo.

When I try to boot from 'last known good config.' it freezes or goes to a black screen.

On all accounts it BSODs after a short time.

The few times I've gotten it to boot up and log in, everything loads up, then it BSODs again or freezes before I can get Maware Bytes up and BSODs.

As far as where I could have gotten a virus (which I suspect this is caused by) is that recently I downloaded and installed the "Listening Singing Teacher" (which will not allow me to uninstall because it says that something was not installed properly.)

As I was working on this post, I got it to boot all the way up and log in. I tried allowing remote access from this laptop and it wouldn't let me get to the network menu to select it. I then tried to open the internet, but it refused. I then tried to do a system restore, but the start menu froze before I could open it. Then BSOD and reboot.

I just tried Safe Mode again and it froze on Classpnp.sys once more.
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  1. I feel like my post was completely unread and only the title was used in deciding what you'd link me to, rather than giving me a real answer. I feel this way for many reasons, the main one being that all of those links recommend I back up my files or go into the Start menu.

    Let me summarize my initial post so that it's easier for you to understand.



    I need every file on that computer, so until someone who can actually provide actual help comes along, i guess I'll just leave the computer off or keep googling for real help, not links.
  2. Now it doesn't even make it to the windows logo/starting screen. When it tries to boot up, it just jumps to a BSOD that doesn't last for even a whole second, then reboots.
  3. CBDemyx said:
    Now it doesn't even make it to the windows logo/starting screen. When it tries to boot up, it just jumps to a BSOD that doesn't last for even a whole second, then reboots.

    I guess my first question would be: What type of repair was your system trying to initiate?
  4. I don't know. I came in and it was trying to repair. That's all it said "Initiating repair."

    No idea what that meant but it was trying to do it for almost 24hours.

    Went in to try and work on it about a half hour ago and tried all the solutions I could find on another website that had many people with the same problems. After following some suggestions, my computer then said "Missing operating system."

    My dad got home a bit later and checked it out. Turns out this was all caused by our main harddrive completely failing. Slowly, but surely.
  5. Well if the startup repair with your Window 7 disc (if it is Window 7, which it was not mention in the post :D ) did not work (I assume you tried it), take out the existing HDD and replace it with a fresh one.

    After you install Window 7, take your existing HDD and buy yourself a SATA/IDE to USB adapter like this one:

    Plug that in the USB port with the harddrive plugged into the adapter and try to save your data.
    Good Luck! :hello:
  6. Yeah, your issue sounds like hard disk failure to me or maybe a corrupted Windows install. I'd be VERY surprised if your issues are caused by viruses or malware (these do not in general cause BSODs and boot failure). You really need either a 2nd HDD to install Windows to or a another PC you can connect the drive to. Then you can recover your data. If a new HD also gives BSODs, then something is wrong with your either your RAM, Mobo, or CPU (likelihood in that order).
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