Transferring contacts from computer to a Samsung A900 phone

After much banging my head against the wall, I found a reliable way to transfer contacts into the A900 until FutureDial or DataPilot gets their act together with a driver for it.

-BitPIM software (freeware, downloadable at or another
software to convert outlook contacts into .VCF format efficiently
-CNet Bluetooth USB Dongle(CBD-101) (will probably work with other bluetooth dongles but this is what I can certify as working)
-Samsung A900 mobile phone

First, install BitPIM and the driver CD for the USB dongle. NOTE: The regular windows driver dows not have the proper functionality to perform the transfer of this type that I could find. Create contacts in the phonebook portion of BitPIM or import them from another contacts program that they support (I used outlook 2003). Make sure the phone is turned on, bluetooth enabled and visible. On the phone in the settings, there is a bluetooth section. The first one has to be set to "enable" or "on", and the second one that says "visible" should be set to "always". Then go into BitPIM and export each contact to a certain folder (easily accessible) as a .vCF. I used full vCard 3.0. This screen is in
file->export. I tried to do multiple contacts at once unsuccessfully, but there may be a way to do it. so you need to rename the .vcf file name each time to produce a separate card for each contact. Again, there might be a better program to convert the contacts to .vcf, but this is what I can tell you works. Once all the contacts are in the folder we used earlier, open up the bluetooth main screen. You should see the A900 in the list of devices. Click once on the phone's icon and then once on the top icon that says "bluetooth object push service". Then a box will come up to browse to the files that we saved in our .vcf folder. highlight them all and click open. The phone will then ask to accept the objects, choose yes on the phone. after it is done, the phone will say something like "a vcard has been received" You're done. look at the contacts and you should have them all. I'M OUT!
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  1. I've suffered through this a lot and have found a much easier way that works for me.

    I have an older Belkin USB Bluetooth dongle that wouldn't work very well.
    I uninstalled all Bluetooth S/W off my machine and installed the "latest" (v5) drivers from Widcomm (off

    Once I did this, the "Send to Bluetooth" shows up in my Outlook options under File. I select "Other" and it finds my phone.

    I can use this for any number of contacts in one fell swoop.

    It did take a couple of tries for it to work correctly (password required, says the device is closed, etc.), but it does work great.

    Also, with this I did NOT have to uninstall the drivers provided by Microsoft, it just worked out of the gate.
  2. I keep trying to send contacts from outlook to my phone and get the error message "the request could not be honored". When trying to use the phone to get files (tools/bluetooth/options/get files) it doesn't do anything. Can anyone help? I am so frustrated. Thanks!
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